Most of company's leaders believe in the ability to bring transformative changes in their business. But very often they do not know where to start.

The Digital Transformation can start with a simple move like offering free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop (Starbucks) along with a digital landing page; this is more than doing something smart around Wi-Fi, this is also doing something innovative about how to connect with customers.

Examples of Business Cases conducted by Kerabeo Ltd

  • for a manufacturing & retail industry (B2B and B2C)
  • for a services company (B2B)


In both cases CEO was aware of the critical importance of digital for the future of its organization as the competition had started the digital move; the Company local offices had developed their digital solution without coordination. Their main questions were 'What shall we do? How to fit with our Company strategy'?


  • Define the digital strategy of the Company for B2B and B2C including

    • Online value proposition and multi-channel positioning,
    • Definition of the e-commerce platform and resulting IT structure,
    • Change of the Company organization and processes,
    • Traffic generation and social media including issue of the Business Plan and estimation of the ROI
  • Analyse the market and its digital environment including

    • Investigation of opportunities for growth,
    • Analysis of the Competition and Company digital assets (website data, e-commerce platform, ...) and assessment of the existing organization & skills,
    • Understanding and description of the customer experience (customer behaviors, product access, ...),
    • Analysis of e-commerce platform suppliers,
  • Implementation & Project management in agile mode

    • Selection of the technical solutions (e-commerce platform) & interface with the IT tools,
    • Building & management of a cross functional project team,
    • Performance tracking and set-up of the post launch organization

Re-engage with Customers

  • Connect with them digitally
  • Predict and impact their next purchasing decision
  • Add mobile payment processing
  • Use social media to market your products

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Engage your Company in Digital

  • Attract the appropriate Digital Talents
  • Adapt your Structure accordingly and keep it flexible
  • Develop a common Language to embrace the whole team
  • Measure the success of the Digital Transformation

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